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Forming a Moderation Team

@RobOK and I had a good conversation today covering both Suggestion for Topic Areas to promote discussion over time and How much curating/moderation should be done here?.

We are looking forward to bringing some suggested changes to the OGM Tuesday call next week.

One suggestion is to form a “Moderation Team” of folks who help to structure, curate, and facilitate OGM Forum.

Let us know if you’d be interested in participating!

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Happy to be involved with this — it seems like a good way for me to contribute. If I need to back out due to other commitments I’ll speak up about that, but it doesn’t seem too heavy right now. In terms of what it means to moderate a forum like this, maybe some of the patterns that we worked on in Group 1 in the workshop can be used in a somewhat ‘pastoral’ role. I’ll add info in another thread.


cool! joe if you are still interested i have started tuning in… scanning macro mode so far

I’m happy to wait until the site is switched over to “public” — I’m eager to see whether nndiscourse can be useful.

Since most of the traffic goes in mailing list and I don’t read that now, I’m probably pretty out of the loop with what most of the discussions are. I wonder if I should ante up another $50 bounty to match @peterkaminski, proposing that someone summarise the mailing list discussions!


Joe! I’m not sure if we announced anywhere besides the mailing list and zoom, but OGM now has several channels on the CSC Agora server (running Mattermost), which is at , with open signups.

Sorry for not saying something in OGM Forum!

If asked for server URL (by the desktop or mobile apps), use , and if you need to choose a team, choose “Agora”.

I love the mailing list bounty; we probably need it even more for CSC Agora.

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I’m still working on a writeup or video or what-have-you for what tool to use when, but basically, the way I see it:

  • mailing list for announcements
  • CSC Agora, Town Square channel for announcements
  • OGM Forum banner for very important announcements

Announcements may be (and often should be) duplicated across two or three of the above, under the assumption that individuals may only read one, of their choice.

  • CSC Agora, non-Town Square channels, for fairly quick turnaround discussions
  • OGM Forum, various categories, for longer turnaround discussions, and for longer term group memory

and later, after it’s set up, CSC Wiki (mediawiki) for knowledge and wisdom annealing.

Some day, we’ll have facilitation teams / crossposters (PORters) / beat reporters / bards, along with better digital plumbing, to keep information and gossip flowing across the various tools.

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The questions discussed in K.Gardeners Circle are, in my mind, related to some of the moderation work described here. So we have some gardening to do right now.

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Yes, indeed. Thank you @anderbill for calling our attention to it.

Clearly, there’s an overlap between the functions of the two concepts. When both of them get better defined and become embodied in a group of people, who step into the various roles needed to carry out those functions, then I trust that we can greatly reduce the ambiguity caused by the overlap.

Until then I offer a symbolic model reflecting how i think about these different concepts, in which moderation is the yin and k.gardedning is the yang:
yin-yang of CI

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