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Meta-meta-meta discussions

Continuing the discussion from Meta-meta discussions:

Yes, I think it is as described here:

Use the “link” at the bottom of any post to create a “linked discussion”.

But this then needs to be taught to people who use this site so that they don’t hijack threads with clutter.

Thanks, @holtzermann17!

The affordance is structurally sound, but I feel like it’s not quite primary enough UI-wise. And, I don’t know how easy it would be to do in arrears. (I.e., it’s sometimes hard to tell if you’ve forked the conversational topic, until you’re a few messages down one fork or the other.)

It’s also possible just to do inline links: Meta-meta discussions - Designing the System / Tools - Open Global Mind Forum, or infobox links:

Which isn’t trivially easy to do within the Discourse interface, but neither is it particularly hard.

BTW, another tool we’ll likely start to use is gentle human facilitation and moderation to split topics and get them sorted into the right place (as well as having better “right” places):


I :heart: that you have created a “meta-meta-meta” topic. :slight_smile:

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Yes, a facilitation or curation team can help with that to some extent in young communities with a few dozens of members and 100s of post. Not so, with 100s of active members, 10,100s of posts, and 100+ categories of “right places.”

At that stage, issues of taxonomy, tagsonomy, visual content map, navigation structures, knowledge graphs, and the like kicks in because without the community tech stewards diving into those kinds of niceties, it could become very challenging to identify what is the right place, both when we want to post or find something.

I look forward to scaling. :slight_smile:

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Here’s one quick highly-meta comment about Discourse: is there an automatic “backlinks” module? Apparently yes! I notice than when I reference Thread A in Thread B, there is a backlink to Thread B added at Thread A! That’s great!

However, it’s just slightly confusing that the backlinks show up together with interrelated outbound links! (As evidenced at Meta-meta discussions, which see.)

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