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[sold] Be a "beat reporter" for OGM Forum

Hi, I hereby offer US$50 (in USD or cryptocurrency) for someone to spend 1-2 hours per week for 4 weeks to browse through OGM Forum, see what’s interesting, what’s going on, what needs more discussion, possible connections between threads, etc.

Deliverables are 4 writeups, one per week, of what you’ve found and want to tell everybody, posted to OGM Forum and the OGM mailing list. I’m thinking about 500 to 1000 words, does that sound reasonable?

Please reply below with offers or questions. I’ll choose the correspondent around November 15.

Feel free to forward this personally, but consider that the reporter should be (or become) an OGM member (whatever that means).

Thanks for considering the job! :newspaper: :slight_smile:


I am trying to keep up with what’s going on. Use hypothesis to annotate the bits I read.
I’m about to upgrade the way I integrate annotations into my personal knowledge work.
I spend more time building rather then using the tool. Hopefully that will change in a couple of weeks. In the meantime Here is a sample of what I have, that any prospective “beat reporter” may like to peruse. Later on it will be more useful.
forum_openglobalmind_annotations_2020_11_13.pdf (4.0 MB)


Thanks, Gyuri! That’s a really interesting view. :slight_smile:

Hi! to quickly mention that in the course of any given day and week i am tracking various channels and threads in the ogm sphere — generally adding first to mobile mindmaps and then migrating to desktop maps and eventually merging and sorting and updating etc.
that said, through my cicolab-addled
lenses i have been curating ongoing the threads most relevant to our overlapping pursuits. as such — my point in sharing here — i’m probably well positioned to help in reporting, at least the hot spots i see.

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Just to note, this deadline passed without any candidates, so I’m thinking the first applicant will likely be the one to get the job.


Discourse and Hypothesis do not seem to play to gether well it seems
Need to sort this out first before the rest of the things bellow could be made to work
However, I would like to encourage everybody to signup to hypothesis

The Revolution is here, and it will be annotated:

and annotate publicly bits that are news worthy as shown in this image
just add to the annotation at the beginning
- report : <title for news item>
 the rest of the annotation will be taken as the body of the news report item

That would open up the ability to have conversations anchored to specific points
and allow me to weave these annotations into a report on a regular weekly basis and publish it here and elsewhere. Soon it should also be possible to work collaboratively on the weekly report.

In the meantime I do as I say, and get the first report out by the end of the month as one of the features for the upcoming pilot

How are you doing that? I tried to use just now and got to and a blank screen.

Oh, maybe you ran into the same snag?

You need to sign up and then login

Hm… that wasn’t enough for me. I can edit other pages, e.g., but not here b/c I get redirected to the login page as I mentioned. Is there another step? What happens when you browse to ?

looks like it gets garbled by the time it appears in discourse sometimes.
The above two links I pasted work form me at this minute

Thanki you @holtzermann17 for trying and finding problems

@Gyuri @holtzermann17, I don’t know if this is useful context or not, but I thought I’d share:

“Discourse has a significant front-end JavaScript component”, quoted from:

That is too bad of course. I rely on hypothesis, because it gives me a way of bringing into my world everything that is of interest to me I encounter on the web.
It can also act as a gateway to the kinds of conversations that allow participants to be connected directly without having to go to aggregators. Of course there is a point to these aggregators but than I can aggreagate for my self all contributions that I make or engage with.
A world of difference.
I did find a workaround:
One has to open the bit to be annotated via opening it with a share a link to this post button. Even if I forget to do that, annotations become visible once you open the section that way and delete the user parameter from the url
It works for me. I guess, will need to leave it at that.

Nice find! Probably the workaround won’t be needed once the site is un-password-protected.

i’m in ! beat reporter, reporting for duty … and the beat goes on …

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Yay, you’re hired! Conversation about the work and deliverables started in backchannel(s)! :slight_smile:

Thanks, @lovolution!

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relevant channel at CSC Agora:

[ogm] Forum Beat Reporting (+Architecture)

note — this activity dovetailing / intertwingling with… #ThanksGrooving

cc @JayGolden

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How’s this coming along?


To first order, stalled on waiting for category reorgs that had been expected soon, but have been delayed.

But @lovolution might have more to say (or not)…

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