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Nesta Collective Intelligence Grants

Nesta is offering grants of up to £30,000 for experiments that generate new knowledge about combining AI and collective intelligence to contribute to the UK’s COVID-19 recovery.

The notion of “collective intelligence” feels close to the themes being explored in OGM.

There is a heavy AI angle to this Nesta pitch, which is interesting on one hand, but also makes me wonder whether too much of a technology focus will distract from some of the more human elements of collective intelligence?

@lovolution - perhaps a grant for the list you mentioned on the weekly call that you are compiling?

@peterkaminski - not sure if there is a potential crossover with the Experimenting with real-time machine transcription concept, given the AI angle?


i have a relationship with Neil Lawrence, major leader in the AI space if we are looking for a heavy hitter. Also I could see developing a system that is crowd sourcing individual perspective and then building idea graphic of how their responses connect, collide and change over time.

I call it Qnatamy and would love to discuss it if you are interested Peter.

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@saiiam I checked out Neil Lawrence’s webpage and his work is super interesting!

And I’d love to hear more about Qnatamy.
The “change of time” dimension of what you mentioned interests with a conversation I was having this week with some colleages, on the back of this Tweet I came across which is about version control for designers. That led to a conversation about how “Git for X” is very prevelant right now, similar to how “Uber for X” has been hot over recent years. I know that Git featured in some of the early OGM discussions - in response to the questions around how ideas can fork and merge and have some traceability over time.
On a further tangent, I am going all in on Roam Research at the moment for my PKM, and it has that feel, as per the tagline, of “networked thoght”. And that is really creating that feeling where I can visiualiise and track my thoughts and perspectives evolving.
All feels very OGM-y :slight_smile: !

Let’s chat soon!

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This particular call closed on Nov 4th. Time to look around for some other opportunities (at least for me, writing grant applications is a big part of my day job, and oh, look, it’s already 0815!)