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OGM Workshop Group 1 output

Continuing the discussion from Forming a Moderation Team:

  • Status: Workshop discussion ✓ Follow-up processing ✓ Collated and revised as text ✓ Jointly workshopped again ✓
  • Still to do: Feedback and revision to support practical use with the whole OGM community
  • "Making of" doc is here.

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Text (626 words)

1. Core Purpose: Connect the connectors to what they need to thrive

CONTEXT: In the context of ongoing learning and unlearning, resource flows

IF: We have created a ‘practice space’ BUT we and other stakeholders have other needs that are not yet satisfied

THEN: Connect the network-weavers and their stakeholders to the resources they need to thrive

2. Defining Characteristics: Maps of the landscape

CONTEXT: Many overlapping organisations and representatives of multiple stakeholder groups have come together…

IF: These individuals are to form a “ferment” that sustains their inquiry and engagement BUT they are at risk of being dissolved in broader cultural wash

THEN: Create loci for engagement and use them together to chart the complexity of the world outside and inside…

  • Including the group’s developing collective wisdom →
  • and specifically to Debug individual and joint activities →

3. Values: Practices of stewardship

CONTEXT: Having committed to stewardship of commons…

IF: The people involved aim for ‘harmonized diversity’ BUT are part of a culture with a broader ‘yin deficiency’ (and accordingly are still inclined to ‘yang’ out of habit)

THEN: Practices that achieve fun, elevation and a vibe are needed to establish qualities like trust, integrity, and alignment…

  • Which develop collective wisdom →
  • which is Needed to maintain cohesion →

4. Scope of Work: Debug individual and joint activities

CONTEXT: Within a distributed collaboration…

IF: Not everyone can contribute equally BUT there are lots of different tasks that need to be done to sustain the group

THEN: Develop explicit practices at different levels, in different kinds of spaces, in service to the group and in service to broader networks/wholes…

  • Vitally including tooling whereby people can get better at these practices through ongoing learning and unlearning →

5. Participants: Maintain sufficient cohesion to generate value

CONTEXT: Within an economic/ecological system with vast inequality…

IF: On the one hand there are problems that affect everyone just about equally BUT there are resources that only some people have access to

THEN: Networks that pull together the various resources are a critical part of relating from the parts to the whole, which generates ‘value’ of various kinds (cf. the multiple capitals theory)…

  • Whereby different people can learn from each other and unlearn habits →
  • that harm wholeness Leading towards connecting the connectors →

6. Strategic Objectives: Ongoing learning (w/ a shared memory artifact) and unlearning

CONTEXT: Within individual engagement with a collective transformation process…

IF: Each individual has their own subjective experience of engagement BUT there are also objective features of success or quality (e.g., stakeholders need to ship products)

THEN: Measure ‘success’ in a way that takes on board both subjective and objective features, e.g., by asking whether the question was reframed, whether we have gained wisdom, whether we have achieved alignment (not necessarily consensus)…

  • Leading towards connecting the connectors →

7. Key Operating Principles and Practices: Online with intention, and in the world with compassion

CONTEXT: In the context of the wider online ecosystem…

IF: We [[assume good intent]] among all participants BUT intermingling of themes nevertheless leads to the possibility of confusion

THEN: There’s a need for an ongoing conversation that can sort out complexities as they develop…

  • Allowing the collective to develop their practices of stewardship →
  • and to Build a map of the landscape →

8. Sustainability Model: Develop collective wisdom

CONTEXT: A voluntary collective that gets together for fun and that thinks it has something to offer to the outside world

IF: Volunteer participants don’t necessarily expect remuneration BUT their engagements begin to develop the potential to contribute financial value to some constituents

THEN: Develop a ‘steward ownership’ model that can build both inner and outer wealth…

  • Needed to maintain sufficient cohesion to generate value of all kinds →
  • as Measured by ongoing learning and unlearning →
  • in the Process of debugging individual and joint activities →

Authors: @Jerry, @lovolution, @kenhomer, @Mila, @holtzermann17


I created individual threads to discuss the individual patterns and — hopefully — integrate our responses with those from other groups. Let’s use this thread to discuss the pattern language as a whole.

One of the “next steps” that @lovolution and I talked about would be to build a giant “Wholeness Egg” that includes the OGM patterns, and ones for other/related online communities.

I started such a Giant Wholeness Egg on Miro, here, though at the moment it only has the OGM egg, copied in from the board we worked on during the workshop.


That Miro board is pretty freaking amazing. I bow down!!!


curious about the Site Feedback category

are we in the right place?

continued here:

@Technoshaman i love what you shared in the email thread on Evolutionary Purpose

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In principle, continuously listening to it is the “job” of everybody but in practice, whatever is the task of everybody frequently ends up being the task of nobody.

That’s why, to express the purpose of his/her role, initially, it’s the Lead Link, who is crafting the group’s purpose and introducing it to decision-making by its all good standing members.

For more insights about this subject central to what OGM can become, I suggest to watch this 8-min video and read a bit more detailed entry in the wiki.

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@holtzermann17 started this thread Roles, redux which also has relevance/ reference to our group 1 workshop activities/output, in relation to the OGM Roles.
thx joe!!

From Patterns of Peeragogy where we developed somewhat similar/analogous themes. It would be interesting to use this as an example of part of the “broader context” of OGM (perhaps using the Giant Wholeness Egg to do so).

@holtzermann17 pls if you might share the peeragogy wrap pattern/ practice/ inquiry questions? what i envision as needing to happen w/ regard to the workshop is essentially #wrapping

also @Jerry was just asking for the goods, source info on wrapping

could be useful frame for our group 1, below some info on the workshop

handy list i made for lauren:

#ogm2025 group 1 miro – (1) wholeness egg, the core of our work/ output, also note (2) the g-doc link at the top/ here: [#OGM2025] - Room 1 Notes:

plus, (3) OGM25 Workshop [working doc]:

note also (4) the ‘ogm patterns’ mindmap i made from joe corneli’s email, primarily his work through/ based on our discussions

there are (5) some meaty/ juicy email threads going as well.

yet further (6) here’s the beginnings of ogm miro sandbox dashboard
link to frame for group 1, see board at large as well

(7) discourse channel [here]

the OGM Patterns mindmap

Wholeness Egg, waiting to be populated, for ‘sister circles’, OGM adjacent communities

OGM Neighbor Communities @ JB